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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

February 21, 2018

Arsene Wenger Confirms Aaron Ramsey Will Miss Second Leg Match Vs Ostersunds

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Aaron Ramsey will not be available for the Europa League second leg with Ostersunds.
Aaron Ramsey’s last contribution for Arsenal was a hat-trick against Everton on February 3, but Ramsey has been out with a groin strain since that match.
Wenger, who has confirmed that the 27-year-old is out for the clash with their Swedish opponents on Thursday, did not rule out Ramsey’s participation in the EFL Cup final on Sunday.
“Ramsey is not in the squad for tomorrow,” the Frenchman told reporters at a press conference. “He had a good training session but he’s not available for tomorrow.
“We will see how his evolution goes between now and Sunday. I don’t rule him out. It depends how well he can improve the intensity of training.”

February 21, 2018

Lagosians Turn To Bus Conductors To See The Original World Cup™ Trophy

So, I guess the million naira question is “what would you NOT do to see the iconic World Cup Trophy? Did you know that the trophy stands 14.5 inches tall, weighs 13.6 pounds of over 18-karat gold, all pure gold? Well, now you do!
The World Cup trophy will arrive in Nigeria on a tour by March courtesy Coca-Cola. If you want to win a ticket to see the trophy as well, follow Coca-Cola on Facebook (@CocaColanigeria), Twitter (@Coca-Cola_NG), and Instagram (@CocaCola_ng) for a chance to win a ticket and see the trophy live.
How far would you go to see the iconic FIFA World Cup™ Trophy?
See how creative fellow Lagosians can be by watching the video below;
February 21, 2018

Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger Gives Update On Mesut Ozil Ahead Of EFL Cup Final Against Manchester City

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, has said midfielder Mesut Ozil must ‘work hard’ in order to feature in Sunday’s League Cup final clash against Manchester City.
The Germany international missed sessions on Monday and Tuesday due to ill-health.
The Gunners will battle Ostersunds at the Emirates on Thursday and have a 3-0 aggregate lead going into the second leg of their last-32 Europa League clash.
Wenger had planned on playing the German against Ostersunds but revealed the 29-year-old is struggling with illness.
“Mesut was sick until today,” Wenger told reporters ahead of Thursdays Europa clash.
“It was his first training session today. He was in bed on Monday and Tuesday with sickness.
“I would certainly have played him but because he was sick he will have to work hard tomorrow and he will not be involved.”

February 21, 2018

Messi scores first goal of career against Chelsea

The Barcelona talisman had not scored in his career against the Blues but finally broke his duck to tie up the score in the Champions League match
It took him nine games, but Lionel Messi has finally broken through against Chelsea.
The Barcelona talisman scored his first career goal against the Blues in a big moment, finding the net in the 75th minute to level the Champions League match 1-1 at Stamford Bridge and cancel out Willian's earlier strike.  
He was the benefactor of a bad giveaway by Chelsea at the edge of their own area, which was pounced on by Andres Iniesta. The playmaker pulled it back for Messi who did not miss the opportunity and netted Barcelona a crucial away goal in the first leg of the last-16 tie.
The game ultimately finished 1-1, with Barcelona having the opportunity to take advantage in the second leg at the Camp Nou on March 14. 
Chelsea had been one of the 12 teams that the Barcelona star had faced in his career without scoring against, and one of two remaining in the current Champions League.
Messi's drought against the Blues was not for lack of trying as the goal came on the 30th shot the 30-year-old had taken against them in his career. 
The equalizer was Messi's 18th goal against English opposition in the Champions League, by far the most of any player. Rival Cristiano Ronaldo is second with 11. 
The goal also means Messi has now scored in 61 of his 122 career Champions League contests.
Messi could move his list of teams he has not scored against down to 10 later this week, should he find the back of the net against La Liga side Girona. 
And should Barcelona advance past Chelsea, Messi may get another chance to knock a team off that list. Liverpool is one of that group, and look likely to be in the Champions League quarter-final round after a 5-0 first-leg win against Porto.
February 21, 2018

See The United States President That Ranked The Worst President Ever

President Donald Trump has been ranked as the worst U.S. President in history in a Presidents’ Day poll of political scientists that ranked all 44 of the people who have served as U.S. president.
Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt respectively took the top four spots in the Boise State University “Presidential Greatness Survey.”
While Donald Trump is the 45th President, one of his predecessors, Grover Cleveland, was elected two separate times, making him the 22nd and 24th President, who ranked as 24th on the survey.
The experts were asked to rank each president on a scale from zero – worst – to 100 – best – based on their overall performance in office.
Their rankings showed that Donald Trump came in last place with an average score of 12.34. Coming in first place, according to the survey, is Abraham Lincoln, who scored an average of 95.03 between both Democrats and Republicans surveyed while George Washington got a rating of 92.59.
Just over 57 per cent of those polled identified as Democrats while 13 per cent were Republican and 27 per cent were Independents.
The top seven presidents that have remained the same since the poll was last conducted in 2014: Lincoln, Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Harry Truman, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.
In the latest round of survey, former president Barack Obama moved up in the rankings to 8th best president, compared to 18th he ranked in the 2014 survey.
Even Republican respondents rated Trump as the fourth worst president – 40th of 44th while they placed Obama as the 16th.
The study, conducted once every four years, asks researchers from the American Political Science Association to rank each president’s greatness on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 representing total failure and 100 for greatness.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

February 20, 2018

EME Boss Banky W Reveals Plans To Release New Album, ‘The Bank Statement’

Singer Banky W has revealed in a recent interview with Oliseh that he is currently working on an album titled, “The Bank Statement”. The singer made it known that he has commenced recording contents for the album.
While speaking about his new single, “Love You Baby”, Banky W disclosed that he co-directed the video with his film school teacher in the UK.
Meanwhile, Banky has also revealed his plan to take film directing business seriously as he is currently working on a short film which will be released before the end of this year.
Now that “The Bank Statement Album” is currently underway, the singer revealed that he has no plans to quit music but rather explore other options like movies and perform excellently well with them.

February 20, 2018

No-Sweat Exercise May Prolong Life For The Elderly – New Study

A few hours a week of light exercise – walking the dog, puttering about in the garden – lower the risk of death in older men, even if workouts are brief, researchers said Tuesday.
Their findings, reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, challenge two long-held assumptions about the benefits of physical activity for the elderly.
To improve health and reduce the risk of dying, according to many national health authorities, workouts must be strenuous and more long-lasting.
In Britain, for example, the elderly are advised to do moderate-to-intense exercise at least 150 minutes per week, divied up into segments of no less than 10 minutes.
“UK and US physical activity guidelines don’t mention any benefits of light activity,” lead author Barbara Jefferis, an epidemiologist at University College London, told AFP.
“When those guidelines were written there wasn’t enough evidence to make a recommendation.”
The study, which tracked 1,200 men without heart disease in their early 70s and late 80s, says such guidelines should be revised.
“The results suggest that all activities — no matter how modest — are beneficial,” Jefferis said.
Encouraging older adults to engage in no-sweat exercise also appears to be more realistic.
Only 16 percent of the volunteers lived up to current British exercise guidelines in sessions of at least 10 minutes. Two-thirds, however, did hit the weekly, 150-minute quota in shorter snippets of activity.
The research drew on data from the British Regional Heart Study, which began in 1978 with nearly 8,000 participants aged 40 to 59 from a couple dozen towns scattered across Britain.
In 2012, the 3,137 men still living underwent a physical check-up, and answered questions about their lifestyle and sleeping patterns.
Couch Potatoes
The study focused on 1,181 participants who wore an accelerometer — a device that tracks the volume and intensity of physical exercise — for seven days.
“The availability of body-worn activity monitors has enabled us to investigate whether light activity is linked to longevity,” said Jefferis.
The men, who averaged 78 years old, were monitored for five years, during which time 194 of them died.
The study showed that each additional 30 minutes-a-day of light-intensity exercise was associated with a 17 percent reduction in the risk of death.
As expected, a half-an-hour of moderate-to-vigorous activity reduced the risk by even more — 33 percent.
What counted, however, was the total time spent exercising, not how the time was divided up.
The men who engaged in brief, sporadic bouts of moderately intense activity — mowing the lawn, swimming, walking briskly — were as likely to avoid the grim reaper as men whose exercise time was parcelled into longer sessions.
For both groups, the chance of dying was 40 percent lower compared to full-time couch potatoes who hardly moved at all.
The authors cautioned that the structure of the study — the fact that it was observational, and not a clinical trial — made it impossible to describe the results in terms of cause-and-effect.
And in the comparison between older men who exercise — sporadically or regularly — and those who don’t, the fact that the participants who volunteers to wear accelerometers were in better health to begin with may have somewhat skewed the results.
It was also not clear whether the findings would apply to older women, though Jefferis said there was little reason to think they don’t.
“We didn’t have the necessary data for women,” she said.
February 20, 2018

I Will Defeat Buhari In 2019 – Former Governor Of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido

Former Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido has declared that he will emerge as Nigeria’s next President in 2019, despite moves by the presidency to derail his ambition.
Lamido, who kicked off his presidential campaign on Satutrday at Birnin Kudu Local Government Area of Kebbi State, declared that President Muhammed Buhari is a fake Fu;lani man from Katsina, stressing that he 2019 presidential election will be between him, who is the real Fulani and Buhari, who he called a fake Fulani man.
He noted that he had traveled across Nigeria meeting leaders of the party to notify them of his intention to run for the presidency next year on the platform of the opposition People Democratic Party (PDP), adding that last Saturday’s rally was his official declaration for the number seat.
Speaking before thousands of his supporters, he dared “whoever that person may be” in power to try to prevent his emergence as Nigeria’s next president, which he said is the will of God.
“The 2019 presidential election is undoubtedly going to be between an original Fulani man and a fake Fulani man ‎ who was governor and minister at different times,” the aspirant declared to his cheering supporters.
The former Governor, who spoke in the local Fulani language (Fulfude) to crowd, argued although President Buhari is a Fulani by birth, he does not speak the language. He challenged the president to translate some of his remarks; declaring immediately that Mr. Buhari could not do it.
“Under President Buhari, Nigerians have been starved to the extent that they cannot protest against the hike in the prices of essential commodities in the country,” he said.
The former Governor also dismissed as political persecution, his ongoing trial by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for alleged corruption while he was Governor.
“They called me a thief and jailed me. All the molestation and intimidation can’t change my destiny in becoming the next president come 2019. I believe in the entrenchment of democracy in the country.”
He described officials of the All Progressives Congress federal government as thieves who he said have deceived and disunited Nigerians along religious lines.
“We are aware that APC has shielded corrupt personalities like Maikanti Baru (the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation), David Lawan Babachir (former Secretary to the Government of the Federation who was removed from office for alleged corruption) and Babagana Kingibe who requested for $43 million from NIA (National Intelligence Agency.”
“Obasanjo’s letter has unlocked Nigerians’ freedom of speech. Before, people were afraid to speak against APC evil, only me, Tanko Yakassai, Buba Galadima and Naja’atu Muhammad (could speak) because we are not afraid of intimidation.”
He said Buhari and APC told Nigerians lies prior to the 2015 elections, stating: “now the people have known better‎ and that will manifest in the 2019 polls.”

February 20, 2018

Life after Ebola

It has been four years since the Ebola virus outbreak in the West African states of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone was first reported. Photographer Hugh Kinsella Cunningham has been back to document the people still living with the legacy of the disease.
An aerial view of West Point, Monrovia, Liberia.Image copyrightHUGH KINSELLA CUNNINGHAM
The outbreak in 2014 caused more deaths than all the others combined since the virus was discovered in 1976.
The virus affected poverty-stricken areas such as Liberia's West Point, where for many, just coping and surviving are everyday victories.
West Point is a densely populated township in Monrovia. When the government imposed a curfew and quarantined the area in a bid to halt the deadly outbreak there was unrest and rioting.
Eva Nah pictured outside her house in West Point, Monrovia, Liberia.Image copyrightHUGH KINSELLA CUNNINGHAM
Eva Nah's grandson was killed by police while he was protesting at the quarantine. "All he wanted was to play football and become a mechanic," she says. "His father and mother died so I was everything to him."
Years on, government compensation for his killing has allowed Eva to send four other children in her family to school.
Rita Carol lost her sister to the disease. She used to sell food on the cramped roads of West Point but has saved enough to purchase a refrigerator and start a new business selling ice, which she hopes will provide a good living for her future.
Rita Carol in her home in West Point, Monrovia.Image copyrightHUGH KINSELLA CUNNINGHAM
Etta Roberts works as a nurse at the Kahweh clinic.Image copyrightHUGH KINSELLA CUNNINGHAM
Etta Roberts works as a nurse at the Kahweh clinic, a health centre to the east of Monrovia. She usually treats around 10 patients a day for malaria and scabies.
The clinic's founder, Reginald Kahweh, funded the building of the centre after losing both his parents to Ebola, saying: "Everyone had to step up to create a better society… this place was formed to remember those who died."
A doctor at the West Point medical clinic.Image copyrightHUGH KINSELLA CUNNINGHAM
The Ebola crisis was a shock to the Liberian health system, which was quickly overwhelmed. The country's infrastructure was already damaged by a 14-year civil conflict and the health services were struggling to meet basic needs.
In response, areas of high risk such as West Point are now monitored carefully for any unusual health trends and a 24/7 duty officer can raise an alert to the National Public Health Institute if a death seems medically suspicious.
Swamps in Bong County, Liberia.Image copyrightHUGH KINSELLA CUNNINGHAM
J Roberts in his washing facilityImage copyrightHUGH KINSELLA CUNNINGHAM
J Roberts lives by the rapidly encroaching sea in West Point. After losing his wife to Ebola he started a business. "My wife was cremated, not buried, so it feels as if she is gone forever. I decided to concentrate on our four children, money is a necessity for them," he says.
He sells heated water and the use of booths to wash in. His facility is of great value to the community due to the poor sanitation in the area.
Cross on a hill in Waterloo district, Sierra Leone.Image copyrightHUGH KINSELLA CUNNINGHAM
Despite positive advances in health infrastructure and the survivors' determination to move on, several former body disposal workers have been left in a state of limbo.
Most workers involved with the burial of Ebola victims in Sierra Leone were poor and jumped at the chance of an employment opportunity that few others wanted.
Waterloo Ebola Graveyard. Sierra Leone.Image copyrightHUGH KINSELLA CUNNINGHAM
Mohammed Kanu, a former frontline worker during the Ebola crisis at Waterloo Ebola Graveyard. Sierra Leone.Image copyrightHUGH KINSELLA CUNNINGHAM
Mohammed Kanu was employed by the government to dispose of bodies safely during the outbreak. No subsequent work has materialised and he finds himself still tending the overgrown graves, with little payment.
Burial ceremonies that involved contact with the bodies of the dead also contributed to the transmission of the disease and many workers face poverty and stigmatisation for their former roles. Morla Kargbo, another graveyard worker, explains: "People don't even want to rent a house to you if you were involved with bodies during the Ebola time."
A graveyard worker with his back to the camera walks through Waterloo Ebola Graveyard. Sierra Leone.Image copyrightHUGH KINSELLA CUNNINGHAM
All images copyright Hugh Kinsella Cunningham.
February 20, 2018

Nigerians Must Be Ready To Make Sacrifice – President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari, has told Nigerians to get prepared to make sacrifice as a foundation for national growth and development.
The President, who made the appeal in his country home in Daura, Katsina, State, when he met with senior citizens of the state, led by Governor Aminu Masari, said in the life of a country, there were occasions when citizens must forgo personal pleasures or pay the ultimate price for the progress and unity of the nation.
President Buhari in a statement signed by his Senior Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Malam Garba Shehu, said: “The Nigeria of our time is in need of sacrifices by all citizens to free it from corruption, poverty, crime and underdevelopment.”
While commending members of the forum for complementing his administration’s efforts at national development, Buhari assured them that the security of lives, property and prosperity of all Nigerians would continue to receive priority attention.
In his remarks, Governor Masari said the delegation was in the President’s country home to condole with him on the death of two members of his extended family.
Masari also extended the forum’s commiseration with the President over the recent auto-accident involving his son, Yusuf, and thanked God Almighty for his survival and subsequent discharge from the hospital.

February 20, 2018

Tell Us Where Nnamdi Kanu Is or We Won’t Vote, Says Wife Of IPOB Leader

Uchechi Kanu, wife of Nnamdi, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB,) whose whereabouts has been unknown since some soldiers invaded the palace of his father during a military operation tagged Operation Python Dance on Monday.
According to her, she said:-
There will be no election in Nigeria if the Army refuses to produce her husband.
Uchechi added that Nnamdi who disappeared in the tick of face-off between the members of IPOB, a secessionist group now designated a terrorist group by the Federal Government and officers of the Nigerian Army, on October 9, 2017 has been in the custody of the military.
Watch the Video below:-
February 20, 2018

We Are Going To Sell All The Recovered Stolen Loots – President Buhari Declares

President Muhammadu Buhari has assured that the Federal Government under his leadership will sell all recovered looted national assets.
Buhari said proceeds of the recovered assets will be paid to the nation’s treasury and utilized for developmental purposes.
Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, in a statement yesterday, said Buhari disclosed this when he received representatives of social groups in Daura Emirate.
The President assured that his administration will continue to pursue a robust, effective and legitimate anti-corruption campaign that safeguards the treasury and commonwealth of all Nigerians.
Buhari noted that many suspected looters of government’s resources had been denying ownership of their ill-gotten properties and assets across the country. He explained that he was not surprised by the increasing number of those denying ownership or disclaiming the properties traced to them by the various anti-corruption agencies.
The President also said that his government would not allow a repeat of what happened in the 1980s when buildings and other ill-gotten property seized by his military administration were returned to corrupt officials following his ouster as Head of State.
“Some years back, one of my schoolmates in the primary school who worked at a cottage company before his demise predicted that we will come to a situation when looters will deny their loots in Nigeria.
“So, as a civil servant, you have 10 houses in Abuja and even in Kaduna and abroad, the more you show them the properties, the more they will swear that it does not belong to them. “And we are still following the process, you know in a democracy, you have to follow due process and respect the rule of law.
February 20, 2018

How We Would Stop Cheaters This Coming Exam – JAMB

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Registrar, Professor Ishaq Oloyede was a guest on Ray Power fm’s political and current affairs programme, ‘Political Platform’ where he answered and discussed a wide range of questions.
Speaking on the tendency of candidates to cheat despite reforms he has championed to curtail such, he explained :
“Even when JAMB sets-up rogue centres (to catch cheats), you find that it is these same poor people that you are fighting for, that pay N200,000 and we disqualify such students.”
The professor lamented the way parents facilitate cheating especially “mothers in particular (that are) determined to make graduates of their children at all cost”.
He expressed displeasure at the sensationalism attached to the Snake swallowing N36 million story which he explained is purely criminal and should be treated as such.
The JAMB Registrar also explained that the board is now checking accounts of fraudsters promising ‘miracle centres’ to identify candidates that have paid into those accounts to circumvent the exam process stating that; “we are now disqualifying such candidates”.
He also criticized journalists for not asking poignant questions at important times such as when some dubious officials were selling JAMB scratch card for up to N12,000 instead of N5,200 before he got appointed to the board. Responding to some of his critics who had complained about the billions he returned to government as against previous administrations at the board, he retorted: “I don’t know what they want me to do with government money”.
The major takeaway from this interview has to be that candidates need to prepare and try to pass JAMB examination without cheating because the board is serious about disqualifying cheats who are also liable for criminal prosecution.
February 20, 2018

NASU Strike; Angry Members Empty Diesel Into The Gutter In Uyo University | Photos

The ongoing strike by members of the Non-academic Staff Union of Universities took another turn yesterday, as some members of the University of Uyo chapter took agitations to another level.
According to Inside Uniuyo, the NASU members reportedly struck the Generator Houses and Diesel Dump. It is reported that visibly angry members, emptied the diesel into the gutters while some were poured into the ravine, with a view to disrupt activities.
This is coming on the heels of the commencement of the University’s 1st semester examinations yesterday February 19th, 2018, even while the Union was on strike.
The national leadership of NASU had embarked on a nationwide strike in November, 2017 over non-payment of earned allowances.

Monday, 5 February 2018

February 05, 2018

Buhari Govt Created 7 Million Jobs In Agriculture Sector Alone – Lai Mohammed

Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, yesterday dismissed assertions that the President Muhammadu Buhari led federal government has caused more job losses than any other past administration in the country.
According to him, the Buhari administration is fully committed to creating new jobs in all sectors of the economy.
He noted that government has added about seven millions of new jobs to the agriculture sector alone since the President took office in 2015.
Mohammed said this in Port Harcourt at the sixth graduation ceremony of 100 male and female entrepreneurs trained by the Empowerment Support Initiative (ESI) and the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).
“Before this government came into power; the nation had 5 million rice growers but today 12.2 million rice growers have been added.
“That is an extra of more than 7 million jobs in the agric sector alone; and this was collaborated by the Chairman of the Rice Growers Association few days ago”, he said.
Dame Judith Amaechi, Founder and President of ESI, said beneficiaries were trained on plaster of Paris, plumbing, carpentry, floor tiling, electrical wiring and decoration.
She said the empowerment scheme was created to cushion skills-gap that stunted sustainable intra-personal growth in the nine states of the Niger Delta.
“We created our training platform in 2008 – which so far provided various training in vocational skills and entrepreneurial development for over 3,000 beneficiaries in Nigeria.
“ESI has aggressively engaged many children, women and youths on educational and vocational activities including capacity building both on national and international stage.
“We are focused to tackle endemic poverty head-on; develop a skill force that enables our citizens to be employable and self employed thereby reverse youth unemployment,” she said.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

January 30, 2018

Arsenal Accept Chelsea’s £15M Bid For Giroud (Good Buy?)

Arsenal and Chelsea have agreed a £15million fee plus bonuses and add-ons for Olivier Giroud.
According to Sky Sports Italia, the deal will not be completed until the Gunners finalize Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s transfer from Borussia Dortmund.
On Monday night, Italian football expert, Gianluca DiMarzio, confirmed that talks between the two London clubs “are progressing well”.
Giroud was pictured in Arsenal training on Monday, ahead of their Premier League trip to Swansea City on Tuesday, in deep discussion with manager Arsene Wenger.
Antonio Conte is in search of a target man in the winter transfer window.
The window closes 11pm on January 31.
January 30, 2018

Usain Bolt Shows Off His Football Skills As He Trains In South Africa (Photos)

World’s fastest man, Usain Bolt seems to have finally kick-started his football career.
The retired Olympian looked like a natural as he trained with the South African Premier Division leaders on Monday. The Jamaican attended the practice session in Johannesburg….
Bolt has previously expressed his desire to play for Manchester United following his retirement from the race track.
And the 31-year-old kicked off his football career with a training session with Mamelodi Sundowns at Chloorkop.
The world’s fastest man was introduced to the team through their joint sponsor – Puma.
He got stuck in with the session, and the clubs official Twitter page shared videos of the superstar in action.
After that, he paid a visit to the Puma School of Speed – which is an organisation set up to find the next generation of talent.
The Jamaican chatted to the children, threw gifts into crowd and posed for photographs with several lucky fans.
See more photos below:-

January 30, 2018

Transfer News! Super Eagles Striker Ahmed Musa Joins CSKA Moscow

CSKA Moscow has re-signed Super Eagles winger, Ahmed Musa, from Leicester City until the end of the season.
The Nigerian striker, who is not in the plans of Claude Puel since the beginning of the season, returns to a club where he is worshipped in order to get playing time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup with Nigeria
The 25-year-old joined the former Premier League champions, Leicester, for £16m in 2016 and scored five goals in 33 games for the club.
Musa has made just one appearance this season.
He had been linked with other Premier League sides this month, including West Brom, But he will now return to Russia, where he scored 42 league goals in his first stint for CSKA.

January 30, 2018

Forget Social Media Noise, Buhari Is Unbeatable — El Rufai

President Muhammadu Buhari remains electorally unbeatable with his attachment to the people unwavering, despite recriminations by the elite class on social and conventional media, Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has said.
Affirming the president’s electoral invincibility, El-Rufai in an interview on Channels Television said:
“I do not have any doubt in my mind that we are going to win the next elections; not only in the center but we are going to preserve our 24 states, and even more,” he said.
Insisting that the president remained popular despite insinuations to the contrary in conventional and social media platforms, the governor said:
“We are not saying this foolishly; this is scientific. We are monitoring the pulse of Nigerians, not the pulse of a section of Nigerians and I am confident that we are going to win the 2019 elections.”
“We know the pulse of the nation, we know where we are losing support, we know where we are gaining support; I have no doubt in my mind that we are going to win the 2019 elections.”
“There are two pulses of Nigerians – there is the pulse of the Nigerian elites which is the noise that you hear in the media, the social media and so on; then there is the pulse of the people.”
“If you remember how many people came out to welcome President Buhari in Kano, then you will know that there are two Nigerians.”